Save & Invest

The Best way to Save Money and gain interest

Dundiza helps you stop excessive spending by allowing you save and invest money you would normally be tempted to spend.

Your Security is our Priority

Dundiza uses the highest levels of Internet Security
to ensure that your information is completely protected from fraud.

Why Choose Dundiza


It helps you avoid unnecessary tempation of money withdrawing


Easy to use and navigate as well as users can save manually or automatically


Transparent with activities

Super Fast

Money transfer is fast so you dont have to worry about time.

Different Ways To Save and Manage Your Money

Periodic Savings

Here the users save automatically an amount at regular interval (daily, weekly or monthly) and gain 2.9% interest rate

Fixed Savings

Users put away funds as little as from 20 days to 1200 days and earn over 9% annualized interest paid upfront instantl

Group Savings

Users can save towards a common goal with friends, family and co-workers. Everyone gets interest paid to them daily

Mission Savings

Users save as much as they want to accomplish there target goals faster. This package help you achieve your goals or mission

How it Works

Create an Account

Sign up for a Dundiza account with your name, email and phone number. For added security, we verify your email address.

Link your ATM Card/Mobile Money Number

Using your ATM Card/Mobile Money number, create your first saving plan by specifying how much you want to save, when to start and how often. You can create additional plans later.

Watch Your Savings Grow!

Dundiza will automatically handle all your savings henceforth. We put your money to work so you can earn competitive interests on a daily basis. Your bank will be jealous.

How Safe Is My Money

Dundiza was built with Bank-Grade security features.Our assets are held with Tanzania Investment Bank (TIB) Corporate Bank Limited, a fully fledged commercial bank owned by the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania, who aim to provide its customers and users with a wide array of financial solutions.

Bank Grade Security
Two Factor Authentication
Assets Under Trusteeship
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